Friday, May 18, 2012

39 weeks pregnant - Last of the weekly updates!

Welp, we've made it folks -- thanks for sticking around for the long haul, of what seemed to be the longest, biggest pregnancy ever! We have 3 days until we meet our little big guy and I.cannot.wait. 

Since making our decision, we've had a lot of great support -- we are so appreciative of the love, comments, emails and texts we have received. It shouldn't REALLY matter how a baby is born into the world, because we are his parents regardless, but it is comforting to know that those who care about us are in our corner!

The days have been dragging -- it takes alot to find something to wear and get out of the house these days, but I am sick of being cooped in too. I do find that if I go out and "do too much" I will pay for it later, namely in the form of insomnia, bad back aches, cramping, night sweats and hip/leg pain. 

A girl can only sit on the couch so long though, so I went out by myself yesterday to get a smoothie and run some grocery errands. It felt nice to be part of civilization and not sitting on the couch watching 90210 reruns. (Right now they are airing "Graduation Year: 1997" episodes and they are a riot). 

We took these pix at exactly 39 weeks (yesterday) and holy cats was I exhausted. I am getting sleep in 2 hour increments, and sporadic at best. I know this is baby "training" me to be ready for late night feedings and the like, but I'll be damned if shit isn't uncomfortable. I had tried unsuccessfully to take a 2 hour nap with the lights off and AC pumping before Glenn got home - to no avail. Hence the puffy face and tired expressions. 

All I seem to do anymore is read the babyboards, info about c-sections and breastfeeding, c-sections and exercise, c-sections and complications. It is becoming a bit nauseating even to me. It's been a relief to talk to friends about their lives and everyday things like NORMAL people not in a housebound baby bubble are experiencing. Thanks for checking in, ya'll. 

Poor Glenn has been working his buns off at the school...this is their "busy season" so it's alot of all hands on deck late nights. The week we deliver and will be in the hospital is a SUPER busy week for him, so I know it is stressful. He is taking that week off through Memorial Day and then Grandma Niter will be back in town helping out while we all recover and look to achieve some essence of a routine!

It'll all work out how it is supposed to work out, eh?

How far along? 39 weeks, 1 day! 3. more. days, dude. 

Baby Size: Supposedly the size of a "small watermelon" but let's be REAL. 

Total weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 36 right now, which I think is a pound over the "recommended" healthy weight. But you know what? You can bite my giant pregnant ass if you think I really care. I am DYING to be able to work out and would've loved to continue to take walks and lift...but after our last visit to the Doctor I didn't want to put myself into labor before our planned date as I've read that if your water breaks there is no real cushion left on your back = ouch and potentially a broken tailbone. I do hope I can have a speedy recovery and take the baby for walks soon after we are home and settled. I've read horror stories about people who do too much too soon and then end up ripping their incisions and throwing themselves into MONTHS of recovery so I don't want that either. I am just antsy in general...and know that c-sections tend to make you puffier and full of fluids for longer so I should give myself a solid 2-3 weeks before I step on scales and expect to see any real numbers drop. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it though. I NEED TO STOP READING THINGS ON THE INTERNET. 

Maternity clothes? Shmaternity clothes. On days I leave the house it's a maxi dress or leggings...on days I am stuck housebound it's sports bras and shorts or underwear. SUPER ATTRACTIVE and lovely for Glenn to come home to

Stretch marks? Same old guys are still there, and I think getting redder. they are all under my belly button so that is a some sort of kindness, because if they got any higher where I had to not strain to see them I think I'd be a bit sadder about them. I have to be real with myself and say hey, you're carrying a ginormo baby/look ginormous...what did you think was going to happen? I still slather all the dumb creams on them....I think they would look nice accentuated with my csection scar's going to be a good look for 2012. 

Sleep: I think we've covered this. It blows. But I can handle 3 more days of bad sleep, and then expect to have worse sleep in the hospital for 4 more days! All that matters is that fattykins getting here. 

Best moment this week: Our doctor's appointment Monday and subsequent rationalizations therefrom. It felt good to finally just make a decision and jump headfirst into what we can expect from there. 

Miss Anything?  Being able to move around better without feeling so crampy/bach achey and worrying I am going to throw myself into labor if I exert myself too much. That and sleep. 

Movement: Yes - most days a good bit of it! I think he is getting annoyed with his squashed living quarters and just wants OUT these days. I don't blame him. Since he hasn't descended he feels like one big huge ball sitting on my lap. He has a routine usually from 1AM until 3AM where he tries to kick! and stretch! and wiggle! Sometimes he kicks so high/so hard that I gasp. Already taking mama's breath away...

Food cravings: Milk has been big as of late, which I have been eating with Oreos (healthy!). I think it's a I need calcium thing, doubled with a comfort food thing. I also have been crushing fruit like it's going out of style. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Glenn made some soup last night that smelled terrible to me....but other than that it is mostly just the queasiness from the cramping that has been annoying. 

Have you started to show yet: What is this I don't even....I think we all know the answer here. .

Trying very hard to fit both of us in the frame, here

Gender: He has a little winkin, blinkin and nod down there

Labor Signs: I've had back pain and cramps and nausea for a good week plus now with Braxton Hicks here and there but none that are really timeable or trackable. Hopefully things stay as is until Monday - because I really have a neurotic plan in my head and going into actual labor sorta throws that off a bit. 

Belly Button in or out? Officially flat. 

Wedding rings on or off? still on! My feet/hands haven't really "preggo swollen" I think my hands are getting a bit more swollen (they always do when it gets hot outside)

Jesus God am I huge. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Elated to know when he will be coming, and excited to have him with us! 

Looking forward to: Calming down and just letting him arrive. Everything else will fall into place after that!


  1. So freaking adorable!!!! Ahhh I can't wait to see him!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, you are just so freaking cute pregnant! I'm counting down with you and Glenn and can hardly wait 3 more days..... Nice Patriot ad below! That's what we drove to Arlington today to buy -- struck me funny -- :) Hope you had a fun evening tonight at the movies -- Sure you made an impression at the "What to Expect When Expecting" cinema!

  3. You're SO CLOSE! I was pretty puffy in retrospect; my feet and ankles were DEFINITELY the worst. I was super bummed when I weighed myself a couple days after the surgery and hadn't really lost anything, but good. god. maybe a week and a half? or two weeks post surgery I had lost 12 pounds! Once it starts going down, it'll go quick-- just don't step on that scale at first :)

    I can't wait to see photos!

  4. Thank you so much for your honesty and great pics! I love reading your entries as a fellow pregnant mama. I wish more people told the real deal!

  5. you have such a beautiful bump, nice going Glenn! So excited for both of you...


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