Friday, September 30, 2011

4- 5 weeks pregnant -- bloated observations

16 DPO, September 19th, (4 weeks 4 days pregnant) – Wake up very bloated, casual twinges of cramps here and there. Still excessive saliva. Boobs definitely hurting. Is it also possible that nipples have grown in length? Have been told I have porn star boobs so this is especially hilarious. Glenn states that they feel “fuller”. Randomly take temperature and it’s in the higher 98s, when usually my temp is around 97.  Obsessively reading things on the internet and trying to be really in tune with body. Read that miscarriage rate from 3-6 weeks is 10% and risk after 6 weeks is 5%.

17 DPO, September 20th, (4 weeks 5 days) – Still very bloated, constant swallowing and thirst. Starting to feel really tired, especially after lunch time. Took a walk after dinner with Glenn to get some exercise, and it was nice to get some fresh air, if only a mile and a half. Discussed what we are going to do about football. Glenn and I agree that it’s not a good idea, limited contact or not. If I’m not even running right now like usual, I am not about to run all over the field. Plus our team is a jolly good bunch of folks who enjoy their beer on the sidelines. It is going to be ridiculously obvious. As of now I am skipping this weekend to “help out in WV”, and next weekend we will be in Pittsburgh and by then we will be at 6 weeks.

18 DPO, September 21st (4 weeks 6 days) – Not as bloated today as yesterday, but I feel like it comes more in the afternoon? Boobs till hurting. Slept like a BRICK last night. Did some sort of introspective reading about meditating and being authentic to how you feel. Have joined some “baby boards” where every cramp, change in temp and appearance or disappearance of symptoms is documented by pregnant ladies everywhere. This and a number of friends personal stories have filled my head with negativity about the viability of a pregnancy. What I want is to feel like this baby is meant to be – it is wanted, it was conceived, and I am thankful for everything I have experienced thus far. Why be worrisome and negative until there is something to be worried about? I just feel intuition wise this is meant to be. Tomorrow will be 5 weeks – we are getting closer to the first 6 week “safety zone”. After that, 11 days until our first visit! (Approximately 7 weeks and 5 days at that time)


and attractive

September 24th – 5 weeks, 2 days – Off to a camping trip with friends. End up sharing news with majority of the crew because it’s hard to not drink autumny beers and not have a reason to. Take a hike through the woods and enjoy the fresh air. My girlfriend on the trip is  bigtime protective of me and won’t let me step over big logs or touch any fungus. Adorable. Am bigtime bloated still. Meet mom the next day for brunch on the way back home and she provides me with 3 massive baby books. Quality reading indeed!

September 25th , 5 weeks 3 days – Sunday night, slept for about 2 hours on the couch during football, exhausted. Then of course as I always do on a Sunday after a trip, I can’t sleep for crap. Fall asleep from approximately 3:00 – 5:30AM until Glenn wakes me up because we forgot to get our car from the dealership after an oil change. Am peeved and exhausted then sleep another hour upon arriving home. Feel like I am in slow motion all day and have no common sense. Pregnancy makes me feel dimwitted. Or maybe it’s just the exhaustion. Arrive home from work and don’t even attempt to take work clothes off – sleep from 6PM until Midnight. Wake up and shower, sleep from 3-7. BALLING!


  1. some woman faced the problem that bloating during pregnancy.reducing bloating must.for this start eating right foods & focus on water intake as this can avoid constipation as well.

  2. Women feel some very common 4 week pregnancy symptoms such as exhausted all the time, nausea (this comes and goes) irritable, very emotional and food aversions. Try not to worry a strong positive is a good sign symptoms will problem hit us in a couple of weeks so enjoy feeling good.


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