Friday, September 30, 2011

5-6 weeks - My boobs hurt

September 26th, 5 weeks, 4 days – Have to attend a mandatory sales meeting and my patience is about lost 3 minutes in. I find my tolerance for bullshit is slim to none these days. I mostly try to grin and bare it. Feeling gross bloated so attempt to do a bit of a “Speedwalk” around the ol’ cul de sac with 2 lb weights strapped to my legs. I do this for about 2 miles then did some arm lifting programs by way of Exercise on-demand. Feel less gross/healthy for the first time in 4 weeks. Brava!

September 28th, 5 weeks 6days – Have 2 events today and being on the phone for 4 hours has given me a headache and made me feel completely drained. Officially in the “I want to take a nap under my desk stage”. On top of a fun workday, have an hour long commute to my Komen meeting, which lasts a good hour and 45 minutes. Have dinner with GBFF and avoid any baby talk and try to hide bloat. Good times!

September 29th, 6 weeks! I weigh about 148.2 these days.Discover that my boobs have some blue veins in them on top of the Montgomery Tubercles. <-- black and white medical drawings from the 70's are scary.

 MY BOOBS ARE CRAZY YA’LL! I’m hoping they keep increasing in size so I can feel like a real lady for the first time in my life. Well, in the boob department that is. Glenn and I go to see Fela in DC at the Shakespeare theater. Have dinner at a Thai restaurant and I miss being able to drink a glass of something with my meal. Water is so boring. The show was awesome and we don’t get home til Midnight. Clonk out at approximately 12:05. This pregnancy thing is doing wonders for my insomnia! We have crossed the first scary threshold of 6 weeks – supposedly rates are decreasing week by week of loss. I am confident that there is a lil bugger in there still sticking.

September 30th – 6 weeks, 1 day – Friday half day-day, hooray ray! Am currently typing this at work because my brain and will has ceased to function on legitimate work oriented things approximately an hour ago after fumbling through back and forth emails with a highly impatient client. So yeah, that happened. We are headed home to Pittsburgh to see Glenn’s fam (and share the news) and to see some of my best college girlfriends (2 of which currently  have little beebees of their own). I am excited to enmesh myself in a sea of estrogen and share all this joy with the girls. I am predicting Glenn’s mom will freak out, cry, hug me really hard and probably start praising Jesus. I know she really wants a girl but I am thinking this kid is a boy. Still a blessing! The girls will also be excited – however I predict Val will yell at me for telling them so early. No matter what, I have no regrets – they’d be the same people I would share any not-so-happy news with as well. This shall be fun as some of the new mommies wanna booze and it’ll be interesting to be that sober one. I hope I don’t get completely exhausted.

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