Monday, March 12, 2012

What I wore (SIWWP) the 3rd trimester countdown edition....

Onto brighter and more colorful things....Some 26-29 week action of the clothing variety....this stage of pregnancy brings us to some dresses of the maxi family, more scarves, and cardigans...oh and leggings....because I am becoming lazy these days. 

Also I may or may not have gone crazy with some camera apps via my Iphone. Thank god for that thing. So far steady growth, no stretch marks, boobs still painfully small, and increased rib size. That means less belts (especially after eating!) and greater difficulty finding things that cover my belly (more long tanks underneath and a higher incidence of dresses in the future). 

 When "borrowing" photos from this blog, please link back to this blog. Thanks!

Dr's office waiting...dress that used to be a dress is now a tunic

scarves and buns and laziness

large, pink and in charge...of being large...and wearing pink

maxis: like wearing pajama nightgowns to work!

sweet maternity shirt my mom got at Goodwill for $3, that my stomach is already hanging out of the bottom of

fun, spring colors!! I got an ultrasound that day and this outfit made me happy

browns, neutrals, hair pulled back = laziness

Out with my ladies, stripes & dots

NYC travel gear

this looks so emo...vintage polka dot dress from favorite consignment store (non maternity)

An exercise ball that never gets another vintage find via Goodwill (non maternity)

Glenn complimented this "feather shirt"...a tunic I picked up last summer

ending of winter chunky sweaters

bonus cat

Headed out to the Black Keys concert in DC!

long dress = tunic + lazy scarf

sick as a dog that day but tried to dress cute because I was meeting lady friends

awesome maternity vest I have worn approximately 30 bajillion times

Super sweet 9.00 "jeggings" from Burlington = yes

Random NYC shit I wore and tried to look cute while battling the miserable cold from hell with a side of spotting:

stretchy comfy maxi dress

Super comfy blueish maxi dress

getting our touristy thing on

SHOCKER....another maxi dress

last evening out, date night!

Glenn also wore some greatness:
maybe the most adorable baby ever!
Going home pout mode


  1. Your laziness is beautifullness x 100

    Remind me to try harder round #2

  2. Can I borrow that polka dot dress -- I love it! And you look more beautiful every month :) Love you!

  3. girl you are just too cute! love all your clothes! Especially the last shot.

  4. @Jessica - thanks so much! I'm addicted to shopping, maternity or otherwise :)


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