Thursday, March 15, 2012

30 for 30 -- Happy Birthday Mr. Lovelace!

30 years of greatness!
Turning 30 is one of those "milestones" we all anticipate reaching and celebrating in a big way -- it's like turning 21 minus the booze and extravagant bar crawl. It's society's official year of making us an adult. No more renegade 20's, galivanting about and being selfish. Glenn has wanted children for a few years now, and I said after the summer of my 28th birthday no holds were barred. It was TIME. And here we are, he is officially the big 3-0 and we are officially 30 weeks pregnant! 

So much about this pregnancy has been kismet for me....getting pregnant on Labor Day weekend and having the baby due around Memorial Day seemed poetic. On Valentine's Day we were exactly 100 days away from meeting our due date.  I am a Gemini, my mom is a Gemini, my brother is a Gemini and baby boy is due to be a Gemini....And now Glenn's birthday being our 30th week officially of pregnancy seemed telling. Something about these dates, holidays, and numbers seems to be a "sign" for me (as nerdy as it may sound!) 

 What can I say about this man? 1. He loves fair food.

2. He loves grubbing on some wings with good pals

3. He's really good at mastering the grill

4. Every once in awhile I can get him to dress up for parties and he blows it out of the water

5. He's a hard worker who takes care of house and home (and doggies)

6. Did I mention he likes fair food?

7. He is ridiculously good with my friends' darling babies. 

8. He takes us on fancy vacations 

9. He cleans up well

10. He knows how to appreciate downtime, as well as fun in the sun

 And he also happens to be ridiculously, ridiculously, attractive. 
hubba hubba
Every year, (and it's been 10 years) I am reminded just what a great man he is. I am so grateful to have such a supportive and loving husband. Having a number of smart, gorgeous, single friends who are currently in the thick of the dating scene has made me appreciate him that much seems there are a lot of unreliable, irresponsible, immature and ignorant "men" out there. I can't believe how lucky I am to have landed such a catch!

He has been unrelenting in his support and excitement for this baby. Whether it be running out at night to re-up my V8 Fusion supply, completely rehabbing the baby's room, buying and reading his own "Daddies for Dummies book" and keeping me updated on the goings-ons inside my belly, or not looking at me like I'm crazy when I walk in the door, say no words and just sob out of hormonal crises...he's been there. He is fiercely protective of this family already, and I just know he will make a wonderfully caring, supportive, enthusiastic daddy!

Happy Birthday, "Sammy" Glenn Morris Lovelace, Jr! Cheers to 2012, your 30th year of greatness, and for the future to come!



  1. Love this post! :) Happy Birthday Glenn! Happy 30 weeks Nephew Love. All the best to you both! xo

  2. Oh geez Leah, I'm bawling! What a wonderful tribute to a super terrific man. Glenn -- I knew there was something special about you, and the way you and Leah felt about each other, when I met you that first time in the ER. Love you!

  3. Coming over from the May2012 on babycenter, you guys are too cute!!!


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