Monday, March 12, 2012

27ish & 29ish weeks pregnant, respectively....

Holy cats, 2 updates in one week! I am on a roll over here. Of course these are late updates, but better to keep track now than never. 

It's been a busy few weeks of traveling to NYC for babymooning, after a week of relative sickness. Getting a cold during your pregnancy may be the worst ever. I really do think it was brought out by stress. I know being pregnant reduces your immune system -- I managed to get through the worst of "winter" without catching nary a sniffle when I got this awful cold that I'm still feeling the remnants of today. Thank goodness for humidifiers and special pregnant lady Robitussin. 

We had a blast in NY despite my gross coughing and needing to rest often. Glad to have crossed alot of items off of Glenn's NY bucket list and spend some quality time together! It felt good to come back home, too. 

27 & 3 on the left, 29 & 3 on the right
I took a week off of working out (week 28) just because I felt so awful and thought I should rest my bones. That coupled with the spotting issue and pelvic rest made for alot of downtime. I'm glad to be cleared to resume working out again! (Note pic on right is not a sweaty belly, it's lotion from my good ol' sonoline B!). Boob sweat is all real though. 

I purchased a few more Jillian DVDs, (Shed and Shred and Ripped in 30) so now I have a few more items to add to ye old workout library. I enjoy sweating and feeling sore! It has also been absolutely gorgeous in MD (70 degrees this week!) so I hope to do some awesome "speed walking" through the cul de sac. I've noticed since NY that is somewhat difficult to walk for long distances because I start to feel pressure in my abodomen (heavy baby/uterus?) and have to pee often. I guess we've officially hit the 3rd trimester. I will have to start rocking my Gabriella belt more often.

How far along? 27&3 and 29& 3 days...we are almost at 30 weeks, which puts us about 7-10 weeks away from meeting this little guy. HOLY SHIT. 

Total weight gain: The week I was sick I think I didn't eat as much/as often and my body was in recovery mode. I didn't really gain any weight then...however now we are up to 25 lbs. of weight gain total which I think is pretty good for the supposed a-pound-a-week 3rd trimester. I guess most women can expect to gain 11 lbs on average the 3rd trimester. I know towards the end with swelling it's just going to start packing on. Trying to not let that bug me. 

When I first got preggo I tried to have a really concerted effort not to gain more than 25 lbs, but now I am realizing just how much your body determines what it wants to hold onto. I was by no means underweight before we were blessed with this babe, but I also have busted my ass a good bit of this pregnancy to try to "maintain" some semblance of health. I have joined a few of the baby boards focused on working out and it's nice to feel motivated by others. I don't understand (barring medical conditions/extreme morning sickness/bedrest) why you WOULDN'T work out while pregnant. Alot of society wants to make women sit in the shade with our feet up for 10 months like delicate china....being pregnant isn't having a disease. Not only does working out make me feel human, but I honestly think that it's part of the reason I have felt so good/stayed so (emotionally and physically) healthy this pregnancy. I can't imagine what I'd feel like if I layed about for the duration...I think every ache, pain and twinge would drive me nuts. Not to mention feel sluggish. Taking that week off for NYC made me feel sluggish! Now that we are in our final weeks I do have to say my equillibrium/balance and tired levels have changed...but I'm gonna keep on truckin til these wheels fall off! So long as baby allows it!

Pointing out and down these days?

Maternity clothes? I've succombed to the lore that is stretch pants. Leggings if you will. My new favorites are (jean) leggings, aka jeggings, aka wearing them makes a joutfit. Hilarious. That is, I would prefer wearing leggings over pants. Maternity pants are fantastic, but sometimes that stretchy panel of fabric gets annoying and itchy. I've also started to really love dresses (all sorts!). Just in time for spring. 

Stretch marks? None to speak of yet, but I noticed the area around my belly button itches the most. I still am putting on a ton of lotion and staying turbo hydrated...hopefully that mixed with some Jillian DVDs can keep things at bay. 

Sleep: Being sick and having daylight saving's time in short succession has made things a bit tiring...I do have to get up to pee at night now so things are a little sporadic. Still trying to get 6 hours or so. 

Best moment this week: Well, it's only Monday...but best moment of LAST week was getting the word that this darling cervix of mine is HOLDING STRONG LIKE A CHAMP and that baby is doing wonderfully! The ultrasound tech was over the moon awesome and very thorough and gave me a feeling of confidence I desperately needed! She also told us Mr. Baby was growing at about 30 weeks (at 29 weeks) and my Doctor's appointment today said 30-31 weeks based on fundal height (at 29 weeks 4 days). All good news as far as I'm concerned! Baby was in there moving his lips (practice swallowing/breathing) and I got to see him cross and uncross his little feets, which was especially adorable to me. 

look at that sweet profile! I can't wait to kiss those lips!

Miss Anything? Not being able to run once the weather hits peak levels of amazing! A walk is still nice, however. 

Movement: More and more each day! He is head down now and I feel him most/strongest at night...but he gives me some love during the day too! During team meetings he especially likes to dance around, which makes me laugh. I have started to notice the weight of this belly more, with more pressure around my uterus. Crossing my legs or trying to really contort them in anyway is pretty much out the window these days. I also try to lean back in my chair at work, because sitting upright has really killed my ribs with all this expanding....stretching and getting up to walk around have helped alot. 

Food cravings: Sugar snap peas and hummus, orange juice, smoothies (of any kind), chobani champions yogurt, and of course, chocolate. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Starting to feel antsy/anxious about getting everything organized for showers (clothes, travel, time off from work, dropping the dog off), to organizing this house (doing laundry, packing baby bag, purchasing nursing bras and a bathrobe and other hospital shit), to last minute baby room needs....seems there is always enough to stress about, so I keep making lists! Other than my own neurosis and this cough, feeling pretty fantastic!

Gender: Ultrasound again confirmed we've got a little guy in there

Labor Signs: NO AND SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. 10ish weeks to go!!!!!!!!!

Symptoms: Increased feeling of awkwardness due to this belly expanding...ribs hurting especially after eating. The most annoying symptoms as of late have been my legs cramping up at night. This was especially bothersome in NY (did alot of walking, apparently it is pretty difficult to hail a cab), and lately this week. I have to get up at night and stretch out here and there. Also woke up with a brutal calf cramp one day last week. 

Belly Button in or out? Innie but still awkward. 

unfortunately photo does not depict true awkwardness

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: After the stressy emotional diatribe of last week, I am feeling a whole new sense of calm and peace. Things will fall together how they may, and I am taking the best possible care of myself with the support of wonderful friends, family and doctors! I am truly thankful for each person who text, emailed, called, facebook messaged or otherwise made their care known. I was really shocked by the outpouring by a number of people from a broad spectrum of my life. It just goes to show you that no matter what you're going through, there is support or a friendly uplifting moment to be found anywhere. Also, my husband is amazing. Nuff said. 

Looking forward to: My baby favva turns the big 3-0! Glenn is not big on huge celebrations (opposite of me, really), but we've made this a whole month of excitement with NYC, the Black Keys concert in DC, and this weekend should allow for some beers to be passed around in his honor. His REAL present is due in a few short months. Cheers and can't wait!


  1. I love how much he's moving. That must be so exciting! I also can't believe you still have your wedding ring on! Mine is so tight already!

  2. Our guy is gonna be a big boy! I can't wait to kiss his little feet and blow raspberries on his belly :) And sing lullabies and rock him to sleep....

  3. I know you are nervous about the size of that belly...but I'm over the moon excited that he's a little overachiever and measuring a little big. Fingers crossed he is here by May 26th...maybe even the 22nd, but I'm not picky ;)

  4. Erin, I will speak to him about evacuation orders around that date :)


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