Saturday, January 28, 2012

23 week update!

And here we are! 23 weeks is almost to that all important milestone -- viability! If a baby is born at 24 weeks, they have a 40-70% chance of survival.  Of course we want him to hang out in there until he's fully "cooked" but it is comforting to know that each day he's in, he is 3% more likely to survive. Right now he is the size of a mango or papaya and weighs a full pound! Maybe that's why I'm gaining all this weight.....hrmmm maybe.

 I did read that between weeks 20-24 babies are having quite the growth spurt, making mama hungrier. I keep working out (4 times this week) and trying to eat a ton of veggies and fruits and good proteins daily. On cardio days I can burn 500 calories between the elliptical/treadmill/recumbent bike...and on the days I do weightlighting it's a good 250 calories. Hoping to build muscle to eat some of the fat and stay toned. It's all a huge effort that I hope pays off. It's hard not to get insecure stepping on the scale and seeing these huge numbers but so long is baby is growing healthily I should not fret. 

Those of you who are my friends on facebook know that I have been terribly heartbroken exercise TV on-demand is now gone. Yes, heartbroken. I loved it because I could have some variety to do whatever sort of workouts I wanted on any given day, instead of having to deal with inclimate weather or driving an hour round trip to the gym (no thanks). Well I did find out that Hulu offers some exercise on demand workouts (haven't tried yet), and flirtygirlfitnesslive (gag at their name), has 3 demo hour long videos on their site. If you pay $15 bucks a month you can stream any of their live workouts, which is a pretty neat concept. I did 2/out of  the 3. The photos below are from the 2nd attempt...a "strength" class that did 1. not make me sweat (so by my standards, not a workout) 2. concentrate on weird stretches/ab work I couldn't safely do pregnant, so 3. ultimately was a fail hence my miserable face. 

And now for some photos! We are 22 weeks 5 days here:

Oh, baby!

We have started putting up some of the many artworks on the wall, further updates to come!
wedding photo of mama & papa!
look how big and pointy we are!
an idea of some of the pictures to be put on the wal

How far along? In these pix, 22 weeks, 5 days...currently 23 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: Groan. 18 pounds. I am officially 8 pounds over the heaviest I have ever been. Ever. 
Maternity clothes? I got a tote of maternity clothes from my friend Erin, (Thanks Erin!) and also a few jackets, so far have worn a few of the basic long shirts underneath my standard cardis, belts and scarves. 
Stretch marks? Not yet! Although last night when we went to bed, Glenn said "aww I think I see your first stretch mark" in an endearing voice like it was a great milestone I should be excited about. I forced him to turn on the light and did an in-depth exam of my belly to show him no marks. Being the hormonal beast I am, I was all....why would you think that? He says after I got out of the shower I must've scratched myself or something because he thought he saw a mark. Not cute, Lovelace. Not on my agenda right now. Still drinking tons of water and exercising and hope we can make it out of this pregnancy sans marks. Stay tuned. 
Sleep: I usually get a good 6-7.5ish. Was never a good sleeper before pregnancy so am not surprised to still be tossing and turning and getting up to pee alot.
Best moment this week: Sitting at work and having the baby kick in a new place (upper right abdomen versus low where I usually feel him). He was pretty active and my coworker got to feel him gurgling about in there. I pressed back in and he pressed back! I like to think he was giving me a hand dap and saying, "good job, ma". 

Miss Anything? Well I learned after last week's post that I can't have horseradish. So that's a major bummer. 
Movement: More action happening during the day, trying to identify his waking/sleeping patterns. Love his little kicks! It's hard to imagine how much free space he has in there if I can feel him all the way from my upper right to the lower left sometimes. AMAZON BABY!
Food cravings: Lots of V8 V fusion juice, I craved Pizza Hut lunch buffet for the salad (and went this week), lots of raw veggies and fruit, and tacos. Yes, the gross tacos from elementary school. Still haven't quelled this craving. Auntie Anne's frozen strawberry lemonades is an ongoing delight.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when I first take my vitamins on an empty stomach
Gender: All boy, all day. 

Labor Signs: Nope, knock on wood for the next 17 weeks. 
Symptoms: Ribs starting to ache a bit, I think when I have a full meal instead of grazing the food has to go somewhere, so it is being pushed up and pushing my ribs out? Either that or amazon child is just getting bigger.
Belly Button in or out? It is an innie, but not as deep anymore. Really gross/uncomfortable to touch it.
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty much a happy camper! Ordered some DVDs off Amazon to be able to work out, which makes me really happy. Excited this weekend to catch up with some friends we haven't seen in ages! Also wish we were able to be at Valerie's and Erin's 1st birthday parties for their kiddos Easton and Mackenzie. Can't believe a year has passed!
Looking forward to: Only having a few more months until we meet this little guy, we are almost 60% there!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SIWWP: the mid-trimester edition

So it occurred to me that I am basically 5.5 months along, which is almost 6 which means holy hell in a handbasket this baby will be coming soon! Hopefully not TOO soon, but soon enough!

Of course we are still growing and attempting to look put together....this week was all about laziness and scarves. Did I get too lazy for a belt? Is that possible?
Latest quest has been sleuthing the interwebs for dresses to wear to my shower(s). My attempts have been in vain, because nothing is really grabbing my interest/is cute/is affordable/will fit in a few months. I guess I will have to wait and see how much bigger I am going to get and buy something in both March and April. Yes, one for each shower! It's the little things I get excited about. 

Speaking of, both showers are in full-on planning mode, thank sweet 8 lb 3 oz baby Jesus because I was stressing! The P-A soiree is March 24th, and the Baltimore Bonanza is April 14th. So hype to see all of our friends and celebrate this baby!

Without further ado, Shit I Wore While Pregnant : edition 3

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sweet minty Tuesday...cardigan laziness

stripes and colors and scraves

this about as daring as I got all week, vintage button down and a belt. BAM
late, tired and blurry -- again more cardigans and scarves. Did I wear that twice in one week?

 Apparently so.
New scarf from Old Navy. Highlight of the week. And that's your ballgame folks!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things I wore on this bump -- Mid January Edition

So I did some fab thrifting with Sheena, and also have hit my stride as far as sleuthing the internets for maxi without further ado, "shit I wore while pregnant, 2nd edition"

When "borrowing" photos from this blog, please link back to this blog. Thanks!

Monday, thinning stripes and I still haven't washed that gunk off the mirror
A shirt that still almost buttons...

plus a cheapo F21 tank and a free necklace from the sisters West!
Super rad thrifted blazer of sorts...I love it, Glenn made fun of the missing shoulder pads
pretty sure this is what I wore Friday, so who knows what happened to Thursday? Went to a work meeting in this number
Saturday Night date action with a sweet cheetah belt
Sunday leggings lounge wear -- comfy rules over all
Sunday night no-work-Monday maxi realness! I got this number for $10 at ....DOTS. Yes, Dots. Holy. Shit. 
Holiday Monday get mediterrean food with your 2 gay besties bumpness. Pardon dressing room in the back. 

So yep, holding strong in the cardigan, leggings and belt department, but with some new pieces and vintage thrown in! Hold on tight, it's about to get crazy. 

Almost 22 weeks!

Look at me staying active with updates, woo hoo! Here we are at a grand 21 weeks 5 days, basketball bellying it out. I have had a few comments from strangers this week, the usual "how far are you, what is the gender," etc. People I haven't seen in awhile were all, "you can't tell you're pregnant until you stand up", ie; see this massive belly!

This was a decent week comfort wise, still hobbling a bit but managed to work out a few times and felt great! I used the long weekend to eat....alot. I went to dinner no less than 3 times and it was great to catch up with friends while enjoying some noms. 

baby let me do 50 minutes of cardio today, yay!

And was really hungry when we were taking these photos

Round much?
How far along? 21 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain: 13-17 lbs....eek. I keep reading that weeks 20-24 include a big growth spurt, so maybe that has added to the weight gain...or those 3 times I went out to eat. 
Maternity clothes? Only jeans! I got some fab flouncy tops and some maxi dresses coming in the mail. DEATH TO ALL MATERNITY TOPS
Stretch marks? No, still holding strong despite all this growth. Drinking lots of water, exercising and slathering my entire body in expensive oils
Sleep: A ton better with the snoogle pillow...still having odd schedules but usually get at least 6 hours of sleep. Have found it easier to get up this weekend. Have been trying to use the weekends for extra rest but sometimes my goals were thwarted by other people. (Grr)
Best moment this week: Glenn got to feel this little guy move for the first time!! We were laying down watching a movie and he got to feel him flutter about 3x. Awesome feeling! I am getting more twitches, nudges and flutters everyday!

Miss Anything? Feeling 100% not sore
Movement: More aware of feeling during the day, not just laying down at night
Food cravings: Hummus and veggies, chocolate, protein....just crushed a Pit Beef sandwich with HORSERADISH...I should say my real craving was horseradish, V fusion V8 drinks...alot of fruits and veggies in one serving, I drink that stuff like it is going out of style
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not sick, but annoyed with my frequent face breakouts. I do feel queasy if I don't eat a protein bar/fiber bar as soon as I wake up and eat vitamins.
Gender: Boy, boy, boy. Still have a series of top names, only 1 of which I really like right now. 

Labor Signs: No and hope to keep it that way. 
Symptoms: Less of the "drop-kicked-to-the-ladybits" feeling thank goodness, I've noticed my vision is a but blurry sometimes
Belly Button in or out? It is an innie, but I feel like it is stretching into a bigger circle? Ew.
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy 90% of the time, although becoming more and more aware of who and what I should prioritize my time on. If it is this difficult to stay in touch/spend time with people you consider close NOW, it is going to be that much more difficult in 3.5 short months. My time is precious to me, and somewhat limited these if you can't respect that and treat it as such, welp then, see ya later.
Looking forward to: Fully planning and having both the PA and MD showers squared away. Thank goodness for the support of my awesome hostesses, because I have been a ball of stress worrying about the details. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

18 & 5 and 20 & 6, respectively

So this is what a few weeks of growth look wonder I have been constantly starved! I definitely think baby is in a growth spurt. 

Some shots from tonight, and the last time we took pix but didn't post. (18 weeks 5 days, and 20 weeks 6 days)

18 on the left, 20 on the right - 13 lbs of love in the middle

Oh, and we also got the crib at 19 weeks - it is mostly put together sans a few screws. wonder I feel "wider"

anddd......I guess it's time to start wearing muumuus

So what do we think, is this child an amazon or do I just carry huge? 

PS: I have more than one sports bra, I swear. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Aches & Pains & OOTD - Maternityville population: me

So I take alot delight in planning outfits, I always have. Getting dressed is (sadly?) one of my favorite parts of the day. There is something to be said about feeling put together. Now being pregnant? I am LOVING it and everything that goes along with it, however having to adapt your style so quickly with an ever-changing body has been challenging. I have been of course looking for other inspiration from similar ladies with child, which has been helpful - but really I just want to buy a zillion maxi dresses and call it a day. 

How many times can I wear a sweater and a belt? MANY MANY times it turns out. Sometimes after eating I have to loosen up the belt a few notches, which is funny because they mostly ride around my ribs. Apparently eating food pushes everything up and makes my ribs expand? Glenn is always "just take that damn thing off already!". 

Precious. I am way behind and think I forgot a few weeks (weeks 17? 18? 19?) worth of bump shots, however I will get cracking on them soon. I wanted to be able to look back and watch the growth happen in sort of slideshow. Clearly I have dropped the ball. But trust and believe I am growing, oh boy am I growing!

I have had an amazing pregnancy up until week 20. During my awesome week off from work I exercised every day and was able to get a TON done around the house. I felt like a goddess. Like She-ra. Like some saintly woman warrior of pregnancy. Then Sunday night I began hurting. I thought I had worked too hard running (5.8 miles total that week, respectively). That night I had stretched, rolled around on the stability ball, elevated my feet, but nothing alleviated the pain in my hips and pelvis.

 When "borrowing" photos from this blog, please link back to this blog. Thanks!

also I could stand to get some bigger cold-running apparel

I had heard about relaxin . I didn't hear about the pain it could cause, spreading your joints and ligaments and ultimately, your nerves. It felt like I had been drop kicked to the ladybits. You can quote me on that. I am going to make a shirt that says "Pregnancy: Drop kicked to the lady bits" and wear it with this big ol belly. Anywho after several nights of pain, inability to walk and sit comfortably or put on my pants or shoes in a timely manner, I took to the facebooks (where else do you get your info?) and a ton of girls recommended a chiropractor. My OB said she knew the pain was excruciating, and compared it to that of being in a car accident and breaking your pelvis and having to go on bedrest. Well we aren't on team bedrest over here, so off to the chiro I went!

The chiropractor remarked that I was "glowing" and seem shocked at how big I was, being due the end of May. Join the club, lady. You and every other checkout person, strangers in the mall, coworkers and friends. She could feel alot of pressure in my lower back, and offered me some stretching/exercise tips - and adjusted both hips. POP POP POP! I believe in the power of chiropractics! I immediately felt a "lighter" feeling in my back and have begun to walk more comfortably. I had been so panicked thinking my days of working out were over, but I am hoping to hit the gym again this week. I have another appointment today at 5:00PM and hope this will clear me for some serious sweatin by way of lifting an the elliptical. (going to chill out on the running for now).

I ordered a super sweet "maternity belt" online, The Gabriella  which I am hoping helps matters immensely. Glenn also is a hero and bought me the SNOOGLE - which is every pregnant woman's godsend.

Seriously look how happy this woman looks, in all her 80's splendor.
Who knew the bevy of products and support systems (literally and figuratively) that need to be in place just to get through this pregnancy! WOOSAH. 

We had our 18 week ultrasound and while baby looks amazing and healthy (HOORAY) we did find out my placenta is anterior. Meaning I could not feel as many kicks, as often, or as early. Well I am hype to report that I was able to start feeling flutters around 19.5 weeks, and some good solid movements in week 20! It really is the greatest, craziest feeling ever. Sorta like that feeling when your stomach drops on a roller coaster (I think that is when he is turning?). Other times I get little taps or twinges, and just last night (20 weeks 4 days) I felt a few kicks from the outside! Poor Glenn was asleep, but I am going to get this kiddo hopped up on some Orange Juice and see if I can't make him do a little dance for us later tonight. 

Exciting times are afoot in the Lovelace abode! I can't wait to continue to feel this baby get bigger and stronger, even as I get bigger and .... bigger. I am now up a solid 11-15 lbs by week 21 (it varies). All the charts say this is a little too much, but I have  been eating super healthy (sans some daily intake of chocolate) and working out when I am able. Everyone has been very supportive and complimentary and have said I am all "baby belly", but seeing those numbers creep up can be daunting! Not to mention it is getting harder and harder to dress. 

See for yourself, I need more belts and scarves. 

Happy 5 months!

NYE - clearly feeling myself!

Niter's cardi and my new boots!

More maternity pantsness

Week 5 front view - watch out, wide load coming through

In alot of pain this day - hence grumpasaurus rex

Out on a Saturday night!

Headed to brunch on a Sunday!

"new" vintage belt

Packed gym bag I have been unfortunately unable to use
After following a ton of "fashion maternity" blogs I felt challenged to take a daily picture and who knows...maybe someday some non-twiggy, non 5'9'' 110 lb preggo may get some inspiration out of it! Stay tuned for more belts and cardis.

Holy Jeebs - week 20 and where have we been?

So Christmas and New Year's came and went - where have we been? Alot of running around from West Virginia and Pittsburgh and a week off to begin my nesting process -- I have taken away no less than 7 LARGE garbage bags of shoes/clothes/other randomness to Goodwill since conception of Baby Love. Anyone who knows me can attest this is ALOT. I also organized my jewelry, shoes, and this past weekend 95% of my clothes, with help from Niter. (THANKS MOM!)

Belts in a box! So cute
Glenn has been busting his buns in the baby's room. We now have all the paint finished, the chair rail up, the changing table outfitted with new (awesome) knobs, and the crib  has arrived! It had a few scratches and was missing one vital screw, but we are expecting replacements soon. We went with the Delta Eclipse 4-in-1 . Cheap, sturdy and attractive, just like me! HA.

The room looks amazing, I love going in and just marveling at our handiwork. Everything we have done has been pretty cost effective and I am really proud of how "us" it is. Eclectic, vintage, modern, all mixed into one. 

Some more photos:

For Christmas I got an Iphone - So instragramming will be on and poppin!
The rug that inspired it all! Can be found at Urban Outfitters -- $76

Finished changing table, swoon!
Pier 1 $4.00 knobs, I love!
Dimly lit, but gorgeous paint and chair rail finished!
We still need to build a cornice for the windows, hang the curtains, create a crib sheet, get a mattress for the crib, get a rocker, and some new lamps/light fixtures to brighten up the joint, but other than that we are almost DONE. 4 more months to go!
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