Tuesday, January 10, 2012

18 & 5 and 20 & 6, respectively

So this is what a few weeks of growth look like....no wonder I have been constantly starved! I definitely think baby is in a growth spurt. 

Some shots from tonight, and the last time we took pix but didn't post. (18 weeks 5 days, and 20 weeks 6 days)

18 on the left, 20 on the right - 13 lbs of love in the middle

Oh, and we also got the crib at 19 weeks - it is mostly put together sans a few screws. 

ho-lee-cats...no wonder I feel "wider"

anddd......I guess it's time to start wearing muumuus

So what do we think, is this child an amazon or do I just carry huge? 

PS: I have more than one sports bra, I swear. 


  1. Don't worry I had to go every 2weeks, because I was high risk. And every time I came into the office they said " It is the girl having the big baby" and Rylee was only 7pounds. U look great and u keep rockin your style like a rockstar girl!

  2. It thrills me to see you my little girl growing like this. You look beautiful. Almost wish we would have taken pics like this when I was pregnant with you -- I was HUGE too. Hope you are feeling better this week. Can't wait until I can feel the little guy kicking you and see him roll over from side to side :) Love you!


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