Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things I wore on this bump -- Mid January Edition

So I did some fab thrifting with Sheena, and also have hit my stride as far as sleuthing the internets for maxi dresses....so without further ado, "shit I wore while pregnant, 2nd edition"

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Monday, thinning stripes and I still haven't washed that gunk off the mirror
A shirt that still almost buttons...

plus a cheapo F21 tank and a free necklace from the sisters West!
Super rad thrifted blazer of sorts...I love it, Glenn made fun of the missing shoulder pads
pretty sure this is what I wore Friday, so who knows what happened to Thursday? Went to a work meeting in this number
Saturday Night date action with a sweet cheetah belt
Sunday leggings lounge wear -- comfy rules over all
Sunday night no-work-Monday maxi realness! I got this number for $10 at ....DOTS. Yes, Dots. Holy. Shit. 
Holiday Monday get mediterrean food with your 2 gay besties bumpness. Pardon dressing room in the back. 

So yep, holding strong in the cardigan, leggings and belt department, but with some new pieces and vintage thrown in! Hold on tight, it's about to get crazy. 

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  1. You look marvelous darling -- come up and do the Goodwill with me sometime!


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