Monday, January 9, 2012

Holy Jeebs - week 20 and where have we been?

So Christmas and New Year's came and went - where have we been? Alot of running around from West Virginia and Pittsburgh and a week off to begin my nesting process -- I have taken away no less than 7 LARGE garbage bags of shoes/clothes/other randomness to Goodwill since conception of Baby Love. Anyone who knows me can attest this is ALOT. I also organized my jewelry, shoes, and this past weekend 95% of my clothes, with help from Niter. (THANKS MOM!)

Belts in a box! So cute
Glenn has been busting his buns in the baby's room. We now have all the paint finished, the chair rail up, the changing table outfitted with new (awesome) knobs, and the crib  has arrived! It had a few scratches and was missing one vital screw, but we are expecting replacements soon. We went with the Delta Eclipse 4-in-1 . Cheap, sturdy and attractive, just like me! HA.

The room looks amazing, I love going in and just marveling at our handiwork. Everything we have done has been pretty cost effective and I am really proud of how "us" it is. Eclectic, vintage, modern, all mixed into one. 

Some more photos:

For Christmas I got an Iphone - So instragramming will be on and poppin!
The rug that inspired it all! Can be found at Urban Outfitters -- $76

Finished changing table, swoon!
Pier 1 $4.00 knobs, I love!
Dimly lit, but gorgeous paint and chair rail finished!
We still need to build a cornice for the windows, hang the curtains, create a crib sheet, get a mattress for the crib, get a rocker, and some new lamps/light fixtures to brighten up the joint, but other than that we are almost DONE. 4 more months to go!

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  1. Will need another picture when you get all the cute photos, etc., hung up. Looking good!


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