Friday, December 16, 2011

What I Wore - Pregnancy attempts at Fashion

So it turns out trying to be tres fashionique during pregnancy can be kinda hard, considering most of my jeans are put together with a rubber band and half of my shirts aren't long enough. I refuse to give up my heels (well, wedges) and attempts at looking put-together! I've been following a blog of a modern maternity diva who always dresses amazingly and been looking for inspiration. She also is like 5'3 and 99 lbs pre-baby so her style is a bit to be desired for us normal sized ladies.

 When "borrowing" photos from this blog, please link back to this blog. Thanks!

From "The Daybook":

This bish is too cute. 

Maybe I need to put my hair in a tall bun all the time. That should totally help.

Stripes and wedges are a girl's best friend

the heat didn't work in the office that day. this cardigan barely fits

new sparkly shoes 1/2 off at Old Navy = win

big baby bumpin!

holiday party and my first pair of real maternity pants! all downhill from here.
 So basically my steeze is a bunch of cardigans and belts. Yep, that's all I got. I'm sure these next few months will be impressive.


  1. I am 100% positive the girl in the first photo just has an upturned tupperware bowl on her stomach.

  2. I'm sure these next few months will show us how skilled you are at looking fabulous in whatever :)


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