Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!

Glenn and I knew as soon as we were pregnant that we definitely wanted to find out the sex. I know that it can be special to await that magical surprise but....I'm a planner. I like to KNOW things for the sake of knowing them. In fact my biggest pet peeve is NOT knowing something, I am loathe to surprises. So, that being said we researched just how soon and how to go about the business of knowing. 

Looking at wives' tails - results were mixed.....

Timing of sex - On or close to ovulation date = BOY
Chinese Gender Calendar = BOY
Baking Soda Method - GIRL
"Show your hands" wives tail = GIRL
Carrying low = BOY
Craving sweets = GIRL
Bad skin breakouts = GIRL
Necklace and ring swing test = BOY
No morning sickness = BOY
Heartrate over 140 = GIRL

Of course I always felt from the get-go that this baby was a boy. Maybe because I had an idealized view that the boy "should come first" to be the bigger brother for future siblings, or to carry on the family name. I just "felt" boy the majority of the time. Sometimes I got inklings of girl, but we felt so strongly pro-blue that we picked three top names for boys and could settle on approximately 2 that we even sorta liked for girl. WHEW. 

With all that said, we would have loved and welcomed a daughter into this world too, but a bit of me was certainly relieved to find out we will be having a son. The thing is, having been a girl all my life, I know the struggles, insecurities, societal pressures and everyday baggage of being a girl. Do I love being a girl? Of course, I just think my anxiety over parenting would be magnified thricefold should that happen as baby number 1. Of course boys will have their own special trials and tribulations and we will cross each as we get to them -- I can't wait for this experience!

Without further ado - the sonogram "goods"

two little legs and the money shot

This is obviously not a 3D image

Side profile of little face
Waving saying hello again!
And our personal favorite, as created by a friend from college....Baby Boy Lovelace getting his Steelers pride on!

We are so thrilled to be the parents of a little boy, and this knowledge has brought us even closer to this little person we haven't "met" yet but love so much. Onto the fun shopping and color scheming and naming!

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  1. Well, you know I thought from the beginning that you were having a boy so grandmother intuition was right! And I am tickled to have my first grandchild be a grandson :)


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