Sunday, December 11, 2011

16 weeks and a changing table update!

Not only did we begin our Babys R Us and registries this weekend, but we got some baby room action started. Well, Glenn did. We picked out paints at Lowes and got the supplies to do work!

Walls are taped off, and ready for action. Glenn deglossed, sanded and painted the changing table. I am turbo in love with it. 

primed and painted

Valspar color "SWIM"

look at that pretty blue!

The semi finished (Needs to dry) result!
I recently found a blog that had the exact same color scheme (read: eccentric, bright mixed with dark, with emphasis on seafoam blue and gray)

And was stunned to see she painted her table the same! Love it

Her room came out great, I can only hope ours is half as awesome. I now need to find some fun knobs to put on and we should be all set!

We missed 15 week photos (oops) but without further ado, here are some 16 weekers! HOORAY 4 MONTHS!

solid work done!

some bump lovin!


  1. That is a gorgeous color! Put the quilt by it and take pic so I can see how it looks :)

  2. So you're inspiring me to redo Kenzie's nursery ;) Don't tell Don...haha!

  3. Nice thing about this gorgeous piece of furniture is you can continue to use it well after the baby stops wearing diapers. I would gladly use this piece of furniture!

  4. I love it! I am ordering knobs off of anthropologie soon and it should look pretty awesome. (I hope). Spoiled baby!


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