Friday, December 16, 2011

What I Wore - Pregnancy attempts at Fashion

So it turns out trying to be tres fashionique during pregnancy can be kinda hard, considering most of my jeans are put together with a rubber band and half of my shirts aren't long enough. I refuse to give up my heels (well, wedges) and attempts at looking put-together! I've been following a blog of a modern maternity diva who always dresses amazingly and been looking for inspiration. She also is like 5'3 and 99 lbs pre-baby so her style is a bit to be desired for us normal sized ladies.

 When "borrowing" photos from this blog, please link back to this blog. Thanks!

From "The Daybook":

This bish is too cute. 

Maybe I need to put my hair in a tall bun all the time. That should totally help.

Stripes and wedges are a girl's best friend

the heat didn't work in the office that day. this cardigan barely fits

new sparkly shoes 1/2 off at Old Navy = win

big baby bumpin!

holiday party and my first pair of real maternity pants! all downhill from here.
 So basically my steeze is a bunch of cardigans and belts. Yep, that's all I got. I'm sure these next few months will be impressive.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

16 weeks and a changing table update!

Not only did we begin our Babys R Us and registries this weekend, but we got some baby room action started. Well, Glenn did. We picked out paints at Lowes and got the supplies to do work!

Walls are taped off, and ready for action. Glenn deglossed, sanded and painted the changing table. I am turbo in love with it. 

primed and painted

Valspar color "SWIM"

look at that pretty blue!

The semi finished (Needs to dry) result!
I recently found a blog that had the exact same color scheme (read: eccentric, bright mixed with dark, with emphasis on seafoam blue and gray)

And was stunned to see she painted her table the same! Love it

Her room came out great, I can only hope ours is half as awesome. I now need to find some fun knobs to put on and we should be all set!

We missed 15 week photos (oops) but without further ado, here are some 16 weekers! HOORAY 4 MONTHS!

solid work done!

some bump lovin!

Holiday Happenings

Things have been a tad slow up the old blog uptake if you haven't noticed as of late...holidays, and shopping and prep work have been owning alot of my spare time. Also I'm growing a tiny person and that can be tiring. 

We did get the tree up after a few false starts (artificial was broken, truck wasn't cleaned out when we went to look at real trees, then delayed arrival home because of post-rain traffic made us too tired one night) but alas, she is up and she is a beauty!

Can hardly wait for next year when we have a little guy to shop for! Christmas is about the kids, afterall. Speaking of shopping, I've found it hard to not purchase a few items (okay, clothes) especially when they are on sale. We spent Saturday registering at Babys R Us (which was a bit of a melee because of all the holiday shopping) for 2.5 hours. I did good and only bought some Bio Oil , which by the way is amazing for preggos and anyone who likes their skin to feel healthy and refreshed. I went to the hood mall nearby yesterday to get some random things and spent a few bucks at Burlington Coat Factory on some Carters goods. They are my favorite children's brand by far. I was a bit nauseated to see their pricing versus half of the stuff we registered for at Babys R Us. It's sickening how they monopolize in that market. A $400.00 Medela breast pump at BRU is $250.00 at Burlington. Why are the "good" pumps so damn expensive?! It's almost like they want women to force babies into formula. It's a racket I tell ya! Sidenote, it was a true joy to register for breast pads and other leaky boob oriented goods -- like hey guys I'm going to sop up some milk with these pads, thanks in advance. I am awkward like that. 

We also went to our friends annual holiday party and got snazzed up a bit! My pals Sheena and her sister Christina spoiled me and gave me a Kardashian velvet leopard print jazzy number to wear. 

they're always baking me bread and giving me presents
This little number apparently retails for a good buck 50 online, and is not something I would ever purchase for myself, but everyone loved it! It has a nice rich luxurious velveteen finish so people were stroking the leopard spots all night. That sounds sexier than it was. 

loving this snazzy man!

Quick pic with the host!

everyone thought I was 6 months preggo
It was great to see all of our friends in one big group, and since we recently shared the news Baby is a Boy, we got alot of love. It was nice to have such great feedback from friends and know how much everyone cares. We are spoiled already and he isn't even here yet!

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!

Glenn and I knew as soon as we were pregnant that we definitely wanted to find out the sex. I know that it can be special to await that magical surprise but....I'm a planner. I like to KNOW things for the sake of knowing them. In fact my biggest pet peeve is NOT knowing something, I am loathe to surprises. So, that being said we researched just how soon and how to go about the business of knowing. 

Looking at wives' tails - results were mixed.....

Timing of sex - On or close to ovulation date = BOY
Chinese Gender Calendar = BOY
Baking Soda Method - GIRL
"Show your hands" wives tail = GIRL
Carrying low = BOY
Craving sweets = GIRL
Bad skin breakouts = GIRL
Necklace and ring swing test = BOY
No morning sickness = BOY
Heartrate over 140 = GIRL

Of course I always felt from the get-go that this baby was a boy. Maybe because I had an idealized view that the boy "should come first" to be the bigger brother for future siblings, or to carry on the family name. I just "felt" boy the majority of the time. Sometimes I got inklings of girl, but we felt so strongly pro-blue that we picked three top names for boys and could settle on approximately 2 that we even sorta liked for girl. WHEW. 

With all that said, we would have loved and welcomed a daughter into this world too, but a bit of me was certainly relieved to find out we will be having a son. The thing is, having been a girl all my life, I know the struggles, insecurities, societal pressures and everyday baggage of being a girl. Do I love being a girl? Of course, I just think my anxiety over parenting would be magnified thricefold should that happen as baby number 1. Of course boys will have their own special trials and tribulations and we will cross each as we get to them -- I can't wait for this experience!

Without further ado - the sonogram "goods"

two little legs and the money shot

This is obviously not a 3D image

Side profile of little face
Waving saying hello again!
And our personal favorite, as created by a friend from college....Baby Boy Lovelace getting his Steelers pride on!

We are so thrilled to be the parents of a little boy, and this knowledge has brought us even closer to this little person we haven't "met" yet but love so much. Onto the fun shopping and color scheming and naming!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

14 weeks - a week and a half late

Hiyo - anyone still reading this? Anyway - a belated bump view from 14ish weeks (a week plus late)

Thanksgiving Love

Where have we been? Apologies for a very extended late update.I am excited to be in the 2nd trimester and getting bigger and bigger by the day. Last week was Thanksgiving and for the first time I ate so much my stomach hurt. It was like all the space was taken up by baby and the food had no where to go. Standing up, sitting down, laying....nothing abated the uncomfy feeling until hours later. No stretch marks yet though!

My family was able to come down from NY to visit for the holiday, and my mom put on a wonderful dinner. It was great to see everyone again and catch up, eat alot of food, and just enjoy eachother's company. 

Yorke made a delicious bird
Some of the spread, yes Jello was involved!

I made quite possibly the most deliciously unhealthy baked mac and cheese ever!

family waiting to grub!
Mom got this awesome shirt as a gift, and Jesus  H look at my belly!
Glenn got to spend some quality time watching football with the men of the family (I am so sick of football)
Jerome loves the baby's new quilt!
We loved seeing the quilt in person - the colors are gorgeous, I was so excited to get it home.

Mom and I also did the requisite "Black Friday" shopping although it was done early afternoon, none of that 6am nonsense this year. Making a baby is tiring, and although I got up at 8am, we never left til 10:30. That being said, I knocked out some of my holiday shopping and of course got some gifts for the beeb! Including an awesome bag from Fossil I shall use as my diaper bag

this sucker is huge!
I got it for a cool $90 bucks (originally $150), which I know is expensive....but I fell in love with it at the outlets, and it was the ONLY one. I was terrified if I didn't get it, I would regret it and I wouldn't be able to find it online. Well, I was right. I have looked all over since I bought it to see if it is available online in this color *Mustard is my favorite!* and haven't been able to find it. 

My favorite parts about it are not only the size, convertible straps, color, but also that it is not toooooo feminine so Glenn could carry it around if need be, and that it is a coated, almost water-proof looking fabric. 

I dig the functionality of it it will essentially double as my purse, and I already have a mustard colored wallet. It was meant to be.

Following other holiday traditions, Mom and I put up her first tree in her new place :)

Mom is so presh in her jammies!
Baby pic
I got two 8x10 frames at the outlets and am framing a photo of Glenn and I each about 1 years of age to put above the changing table. When Baby Lovelace is 1 I will update the wall to include a photo in the center. 

Mom's tree

Happy Holidays!

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