Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SIWWP: the mid-trimester edition

So it occurred to me that I am basically 5.5 months along, which is almost 6 which means holy hell in a handbasket this baby will be coming soon! Hopefully not TOO soon, but soon enough!

Of course we are still growing and attempting to look put together....this week was all about laziness and scarves. Did I get too lazy for a belt? Is that possible?
Latest quest has been sleuthing the interwebs for dresses to wear to my shower(s). My attempts have been in vain, because nothing is really grabbing my interest/is cute/is affordable/will fit in a few months. I guess I will have to wait and see how much bigger I am going to get and buy something in both March and April. Yes, one for each shower! It's the little things I get excited about. 

Speaking of, both showers are in full-on planning mode, thank sweet 8 lb 3 oz baby Jesus because I was stressing! The P-A soiree is March 24th, and the Baltimore Bonanza is April 14th. So hype to see all of our friends and celebrate this baby!

Without further ado, Shit I Wore While Pregnant : edition 3

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sweet minty Tuesday...cardigan laziness

stripes and colors and scraves

this about as daring as I got all week, vintage button down and a belt. BAM
late, tired and blurry -- again more cardigans and scarves. Did I wear that twice in one week?

 Apparently so.
New scarf from Old Navy. Highlight of the week. And that's your ballgame folks!


  1. I love all of your pregnancy outfits!! (:

  2. We love scarves! You look wonderful pregnant :)


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