Monday, January 9, 2012

Aches & Pains & OOTD - Maternityville population: me

So I take alot delight in planning outfits, I always have. Getting dressed is (sadly?) one of my favorite parts of the day. There is something to be said about feeling put together. Now being pregnant? I am LOVING it and everything that goes along with it, however having to adapt your style so quickly with an ever-changing body has been challenging. I have been of course looking for other inspiration from similar ladies with child, which has been helpful - but really I just want to buy a zillion maxi dresses and call it a day. 

How many times can I wear a sweater and a belt? MANY MANY times it turns out. Sometimes after eating I have to loosen up the belt a few notches, which is funny because they mostly ride around my ribs. Apparently eating food pushes everything up and makes my ribs expand? Glenn is always "just take that damn thing off already!". 

Precious. I am way behind and think I forgot a few weeks (weeks 17? 18? 19?) worth of bump shots, however I will get cracking on them soon. I wanted to be able to look back and watch the growth happen in sort of slideshow. Clearly I have dropped the ball. But trust and believe I am growing, oh boy am I growing!

I have had an amazing pregnancy up until week 20. During my awesome week off from work I exercised every day and was able to get a TON done around the house. I felt like a goddess. Like She-ra. Like some saintly woman warrior of pregnancy. Then Sunday night I began hurting. I thought I had worked too hard running (5.8 miles total that week, respectively). That night I had stretched, rolled around on the stability ball, elevated my feet, but nothing alleviated the pain in my hips and pelvis.

 When "borrowing" photos from this blog, please link back to this blog. Thanks!

also I could stand to get some bigger cold-running apparel

I had heard about relaxin . I didn't hear about the pain it could cause, spreading your joints and ligaments and ultimately, your nerves. It felt like I had been drop kicked to the ladybits. You can quote me on that. I am going to make a shirt that says "Pregnancy: Drop kicked to the lady bits" and wear it with this big ol belly. Anywho after several nights of pain, inability to walk and sit comfortably or put on my pants or shoes in a timely manner, I took to the facebooks (where else do you get your info?) and a ton of girls recommended a chiropractor. My OB said she knew the pain was excruciating, and compared it to that of being in a car accident and breaking your pelvis and having to go on bedrest. Well we aren't on team bedrest over here, so off to the chiro I went!

The chiropractor remarked that I was "glowing" and seem shocked at how big I was, being due the end of May. Join the club, lady. You and every other checkout person, strangers in the mall, coworkers and friends. She could feel alot of pressure in my lower back, and offered me some stretching/exercise tips - and adjusted both hips. POP POP POP! I believe in the power of chiropractics! I immediately felt a "lighter" feeling in my back and have begun to walk more comfortably. I had been so panicked thinking my days of working out were over, but I am hoping to hit the gym again this week. I have another appointment today at 5:00PM and hope this will clear me for some serious sweatin by way of lifting an the elliptical. (going to chill out on the running for now).

I ordered a super sweet "maternity belt" online, The Gabriella  which I am hoping helps matters immensely. Glenn also is a hero and bought me the SNOOGLE - which is every pregnant woman's godsend.

Seriously look how happy this woman looks, in all her 80's splendor.
Who knew the bevy of products and support systems (literally and figuratively) that need to be in place just to get through this pregnancy! WOOSAH. 

We had our 18 week ultrasound and while baby looks amazing and healthy (HOORAY) we did find out my placenta is anterior. Meaning I could not feel as many kicks, as often, or as early. Well I am hype to report that I was able to start feeling flutters around 19.5 weeks, and some good solid movements in week 20! It really is the greatest, craziest feeling ever. Sorta like that feeling when your stomach drops on a roller coaster (I think that is when he is turning?). Other times I get little taps or twinges, and just last night (20 weeks 4 days) I felt a few kicks from the outside! Poor Glenn was asleep, but I am going to get this kiddo hopped up on some Orange Juice and see if I can't make him do a little dance for us later tonight. 

Exciting times are afoot in the Lovelace abode! I can't wait to continue to feel this baby get bigger and stronger, even as I get bigger and .... bigger. I am now up a solid 11-15 lbs by week 21 (it varies). All the charts say this is a little too much, but I have  been eating super healthy (sans some daily intake of chocolate) and working out when I am able. Everyone has been very supportive and complimentary and have said I am all "baby belly", but seeing those numbers creep up can be daunting! Not to mention it is getting harder and harder to dress. 

See for yourself, I need more belts and scarves. 

Happy 5 months!

NYE - clearly feeling myself!

Niter's cardi and my new boots!

More maternity pantsness

Week 5 front view - watch out, wide load coming through

In alot of pain this day - hence grumpasaurus rex

Out on a Saturday night!

Headed to brunch on a Sunday!

"new" vintage belt

Packed gym bag I have been unfortunately unable to use
After following a ton of "fashion maternity" blogs I felt challenged to take a daily picture and who knows...maybe someday some non-twiggy, non 5'9'' 110 lb preggo may get some inspiration out of it! Stay tuned for more belts and cardis.


  1. Oh hai, I got you that scarf and it looks great on you. Love those brown boots btw, mmmmmmm cognac boots.

  2. you are hilarious! The pillow and the tummy belt are amazing inventions - helped me tremendously as Kyle sat on a nerve - I didn't feel my leg until he was 4 months old. It's all worth it in the end. If you want the dirty details no one tells you, let me know and we'll grab lunch.

  3. You look great!!! You have inspired me to go and find some of my belts!!!! Great job!

  4. THIS IS SO AMAZING AND TIMELY! I was just having a conversation today with my midwife about maternity support belts. I'm totally making one of these ASAP.

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