Monday, February 6, 2012

OOTD: weeks 23-24

OMGGG You guys, I totes have been wearing so many amazeballs outfits as of late and haven't like...posted any! (Said all in a valley girl voice). 

While I haven't really been wearing anything amazing, I have been taking photos of each and every skinny-belted-cardigan-top-knotted-elastics-around-the-button-loop-maxi-dress outfit I put on and have neglected to put up. So alas, here we are for weeks 23-through 24!

size large flowy top from Marshalls' boss said this was "hippie in a non-over-the-top way" Turquoise necklace from daddy :)

This was a special day, officially 6 months - I wore this "belt' as part of a top the night we conceived :)

It was unseasonably warm this week and made me feel all spring-time happy!

Back on ye olde elliptical, with a tiny ass Underarmour shirt!

This reminded me of mint and graham crackers and cocoa

which was all I wanted to eat that day!

One of several maxi dresses from Target! So comfy, felt like wearing a nightie all day!
stripes do wonders for a bump

also I love pink
fully into flats in jewel tone colors

Sunday Errand largeness

fact: 2 minutes after this photo that belt decided it was too small

Normal person sized sweater I stretched into oblivion and probably can't fit into again the rest of this pregnancy

Love this necklace from Sheenz, hate these pants - they dig in right in the center making my belly look lopsided

It's perfectly permissible to wear things that look like blankets

More blue and stripes...shocker

Out of orderness

some guy told me I looked "mad pregnant" that day

And my favorite - a handmade dress from my favorite consignment shop!
 It's not so refreshing to realize I am running out of belt options and my shirts are getting smaller and smaller. I have a feeling 6.5 months on out could get very interesting. Shit I Wore While Pregnant is about to get REAL.  Stay tuned, avid 3 viewers!


  1. Love the maxi dress and pick scarf!

  2. Can't wait to see the stuff you got on Saturday!


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