Friday, February 17, 2012

Shit I Wore While Pregnant : Edition 5

It's time for the delightful compilation of outfits meant to fit over my stomach and not resemble a tent...I laughed typing this because it reminded me of my husband watching The Ladies Man (a college favorite) and him impersonating the lisp, complimenting a girl's derriere " because it looks like somebody stole 2 fine hams and shoved them down the back of your dress"

When "borrowing" photos from this blog, please link back to this blog. Thanks!

That's about how I feel, like someone stuffed a giant...something (maybe not a ham, I hate ham) down my shirt. I am really praying I don't have to purchase any more apparel (yick, maternity clothes) to get through these next 14 weeks. I did read my uterus is now the size of a volleyball so I guess it makes sense things are a bit snugger and I am running out of options. 

Ready, set, spike...this post brought to you by sweaters, belts, scarves, stretchy dresses and not giving a damn. 

H&M has these flats in jewel tones for $12, holler if you hear me

this is probably offensive to everyone at the gym, I will try stuff on before packing my bag

ooh, black and white! Target had these maxi's on sale for $10.00 online

Valentine's Day!

live for Old Navy cheapo scarves

September (1st weekend we found out we were preggo!) on the left, and dinner date dress with Glenn on the right

I'm glad this dress is long enough, but I felt like an ice-skater

stripes and sales meetings

What I wore for our maternity photos + a bonus cat tail!

I did something different with my hair this day and my tits look huge amirite?

Sometimes from the front I don't look huge

moooooooore scarves

ruffles are thinning too I hear, just like stripes

Happy 26 bumpin weeks, yippie ki oh ki ay!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm just a girl, standing in front of the world, asking it to love my bump. Ha, but thank you!!

  2. Gosh, I cannot get over how cute you look in all these! If I were to get pregnant I KNOW I would feel like being a fat slob every day. Get it girrrl *applause*

    1. Hanna I have no doubt you would be a fabulous pregnant lady! You're all little and cute and would have a basketball bump!

  3. Can I borrow your yellow scarf????? You look maaarrrrvvvell0ous :)


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