Sunday, October 2, 2011

6 weeks & counting - Sharing good news

Glenn and I were headed home this weekend to see some fam and I arranged to connect with my college girlfriends in order to share our good news with everyone in person. Again, I know it is very early, but I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve and have been excited to communicate about this ever-changing new lifestyle.

Erin, Val and Maria are 3 of my best girlfriends from Clarion - and we have all stayed in touch post college, from weddings to pregnancies and 2 new babies! We don't often all have schedules that can coordinate at the same time, so I was especially excited to "surprise" them.

Erin, Maria and I at Sal's. Watching people do shots made me want to vom.
So different from 6 years ago when we would all be doing shots!
There is only one first time you can tell people, and I have cherished the looks on people's faces. Alot of genuine excitement and shrieking and story telling! Erin and Val are mommies and provided me lots of reassurance, crazy boob stories, maternity clothes and breastfeeding books! We also ate funfetti cake, which is a treasured pasttime of ours. Maria also managed to fix my hair and rid it of its horrible rootiness, so now I am fresh-for-fall semi red-head!

Miss Claire Isabella and myself
Glenn also got alot of quality baby time in - throwing Val's son in the air and cuddling Claire. If I wasn't pregnant already my ovaries would be swooning in full effect!

so dreamy!
We got to tell Glenn's family this weekend as well (although it didn't go as I anticipated). We had bought his mother a frame that said "family" as we couldn't find a "grandma" one to give her as a surprise --  and when we arrived at his sister's house she was fussing at him for not calling and telling her he was coming into town that I think she didn't realize what was happening. Regardless she (and the entire family) are elated and looking forward to the new arrival. They are all team pink when I strongly feel that Baby Lovelace is team blue. Soon enough we will find out!

We also got to spend a brief brunch with John and Lindsey - who will be proud parents this month! Emilia Antionette is due October 31st but we are all thinking she will make her grand debut a bit earlier. It was nice to catch up and share preggo tales (
why are my boobs doing this? Were you constipated? I can't stand thinking about eating meat!"). Looking forward to being able to meet their new baby soon!

6 weeks and ....32 weeks?

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