Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bearing of good news - my social life still exists! (8 weeks pregnant update)

After much consideration and fatigue from being MIA and making up stories, we decided to share the news with our football team. At least this way they could look to pick up another girl for the team, or better determine subs from here on out. Everyone was overjoyed and excited for us, which is a nice feeling after sitting in 8 weeks of silence! I can cross that stressor off my list. The girls are super enthusiastic about the baby - I am looking forward to them sharing their own baby tales, and giving me hand me downs. Yay free stuff!

We also went to a good friend's birthday party and gave the heads up to some other dear friends. We are kinda the "first" of this group to be pregnant so it was fun to hear all of the different people's reactions. Everyone is really nice to you when you're pregnant. Especially drunk people, I've since found out!

the birthday boy and a bunch of delicious treats

my big dumb toytle friend who will totally come to my baby shower

Pretty Shineza
I especially love "straight guy" questions and concerns about pregnancy. It's like I am a science experiment in action and they are quizzical about everything. It is actually quite endearing. The women folk mostly tend to be very protective and affectionate. I do love attention, so being pregnant and being open about it rules. Kidding about the attention part. Kidding about not kidding. 

While we didn't wait the 12 weeks to share the news with alot of our friends, I am still being very optimistic and figure the good juju of other's happiness and excitement for us can't be a bad thing. One thing I do know, Baby Lovelace is already loved. 


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