Thursday, October 6, 2011

7 weeks and some colustrum

So this has been an interesting week full of decision making and novelty boob references. I have been sleuthing the baby boards for information about women's 1st prenatal visits. I had an appointment made for weeks, and decided to do some follow up to get a grasp on what all actually went down.

Well the darling receptionist couldn't tell me squat. They maybe would do an ultrasound but probably not, and my insurance probably didn't cover it. They may do  blood test, but probably not, unless they were worried something was wrong. (Again, how would they know if we don't do any tests?) They probably would do a pap/pelvic if I was due, but it depended. On what? This chick was useless in providing me any info, or reassurance about a nervewracking first visit, so I decided to look elsewhere.

Using (again) the babyboardsphere I did some research and found another clinic that still works within my hospital network, and IMAGINE THAT they even had a website! With...*gasp* prenatal checklists! The receptionist was not only warm and friendly, but offered me realistic guidance and was able to fit me in this coming Monday! So there! It sounds like we will get a dating sonogram - and probably a prescription to have blood drawn to take my levels. These people make sense!

In other revelations I have begun feeling more energetic as of late, and managed to work out twice this week. (Thus far) It had been a month and a half since I went to the gym, and doing the elliptical for 40 minutes felt surprisingly refreshing. I ran (not walked) 2.5 (albeit slow) miles and felt amazeballs 3000. Glenn says this baby gives me super powers. I don't know about all that but I did feel pretty rad.

is my uterus changing shape?
Obligatory weekly photos:

Sorry about the boob sweat
you can be pregnant, but won't forget how to pose
In other fun news I noticed what I thought was dry skin on the ol' nips and did some preliminary research and realized it was in fact dried colustrum. THE LIQUID GOLD. I am hoping this bodes well for future breast feeding, Niter (the original matriarch of nursing) is  of course thrilled. Valerie gave me This Book, which is full of anti formula propaganda and fear inducing statistics. I always knew I wanted to breast feed but this book INSISTS on it. Hopefully this delightful new collection on the party I call my nips will bode well for the feedings to come. 

I haven't had any morning sickness (brief feelings of nausea), nor have I had any food cravings, but I would like to hand it to Trader Joe's for having the best frozen healthy meal options ever. Shoutout to chicken gyoza and spicy edamame! Eating good like I know I should.

Even more delicious in real life!

This weekend my Grandma and Papa Howie are in town and will be staying at the chateau de Niter in West Virginia. I am making the hour and a half trek to share the good news and do some festival hopping. I love festivals any time of year, but especially in the fall! This one promises tons of vendors, and I hope the weather is gorgeous. I shall be on the lookout for cute baby oriented ish, of course! I hope my grandparents are elated, word on the street is Grandma has already begun an afghan! Each week I get more excited! 


  1. Easy on the space Lovelace! Don't come home from festivaltivities with a Lincoln full of uselessness! But for sure have fun. I'll miss u and my lil nugget you've been carrying around.

    Love you!


    P.S. You look beautiful by the way ;)

  2. Hey Princess Mama -- How you feeling?

  3. Obligatory weekly photos -- let's see some!


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