Monday, October 24, 2011


This week draws us to 9...ever so close but seemingly so far to our "safety zone" and that first ultrasound. We are now 2 days out and I'm still impatient but hopeful. New symptoms are on and off headaches (more on than off as of late) and some shortness of breath. Not like, an exercise out of breath sort of scenario, but I find when I am doing trainings I have to pause more often instead of having run on sentences explaining how to move slides on a webinar. 

My patience is still wore thin to none. Some days are such a frustrating blur, I can't wait to get home to crash on the couch. Other days I do get some reprieve to do some babyboarding (not at all like waterboarding) but more of a forum of crazy moms-to-be, as well as utilizing Pinterest to keep track of some nursery room inspiration. It's a pretty fun site where you "pin" (duh) images/links to relevant interests. The other fun aspect is that you can friend people who can also pin to your board if they think it suits your fancy. Join and pin me!

This weekend we got to share the news with some more friends, by way of a pumpkin carving contest.

Ours is 3rd from the right -- A Jerome dog Yorkie!

I have for the past few years, been blessed with the friendship of several wonderful gay men, and letting them know about the ol pumpkin I'm harvesting (harharhar) has been precious. I think the range of emotions has gone from being teary-eyed, to shocked, to super curious about women bits, to excited. I know one thing is for sure, this child will have no shortage of fantastic uncles. (Or Aunts as Chris would favor)

Uncle Peetz, Auntie Chris, Uncle Bee Why - pondering their niece or nephew
Pizza gets the prize for most emotional reaction
October always brings fall festive cheer, pumpkins, and support for breast cancer awareness -- by way of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I have served on the Race Executive Board for the past 3 years as the Information Chair and it has been awesome being involved in a volunteer capacity for the biggest foot race in Maryland. I am however, hanging up my pink gear and probably stepping down, as we will have a 5 monthish old and I figure I will have my hands (and boobs) full. 

Race committee folks like myself have to show up at 4:30AM, and it was a long, cold and tiring day but I was glad to enjoy some sunshine and cheer on the survivors. Behold: your Komenesque exhausted post-race requisite belly shots:

4 hours of sleep and some facepaint later...
grow, baby gourd, grow!

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  1. Oh, our little pumpkin is rounding you out so cute. Just think next year you can get a cute little Halloween costume for him or her and in a couple years carve jack-o-lanterns all together with the special uncles and aunts and this grandma will have a special treat ready :)


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