Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 (hallo)weeks!

Baby Lovelace has been growing up a storm, now the size of a kumquat! I wish I knew what a kumquat looked like in real life. In about 9 weeks baby is going to be the size of a banana. A BANANA. That is huge!

This week fly right by, and was celebrated with friends and Halloween festivities. Originally I wanted to go as "pregnant VMAs Beyonce" 
fact: no similar knockoff blazer exists
However I had a really difficult time finding a purple sparkly blazer, so I scrapped this idea with much sadness. Sadness turned to seething anger when I heard that Kelly Ripa had forged together MY COSTUME. 
So I did what any savvy lady would do in my position. I went as a guy. The sassiest guy ever. None other than PRINCE. 
full disclosure: all items I owned prior, except for the wig
I went to a friend of a friend's Halloween party (alone because Glenn hates dressing up because he is a giant walking party pooper) and it people were feeling the funk (and the costume). I fashioned "the" guitar out of a piece of cardboard with some assistance from my coworkers and all in and all it was a pretty fantastic get up. 

Sheena as "year of the rabbit" 

I make a ridiculously attractive man
Sunday I spent a good bit of the afternoon starting the arduous process of cleaning out my closet(s) if we are to ever make room for this precious bean. I was very proud in that I organized a good bit of clothes, and sent 2 huge garbage bags to Goodwill. Those of you who know my packrat tendencies can attest that this is a.big.deal. 

I also felt nesty and busted out the crock pot and made some vegetarian chili. Beans are good for you! And good for the baby bean! MMMM PROTEIN

quick, easy, and guaranteed to make pregnancy farts that much worse
On actual Halloween, I was completely lazy and inclined to take my bra off and put on sweatpants the second I came through the door. I did not pass out candy (I know, I know, I am awful). But I didn't want to scare the children, and only 3 kids came to the door and Glenn gave them sufficient amounts. I got excited looking at all of my friend's babes and thinking about how this time next year we will have a 5 (?) month old to dress up and carouse about the cul de sac with! 

And now it's time for your obligatory bump shots!

lookie who finally worked out again!

too much candy for the baby
These are actually photos from today, (10 weeks 5 days so I am way closer to 11 than 10 but you get the gist) 
do we have girth yet?


  1. I like this as a possible costume option

  2. Great costume Leah. Love the baby belly shots! Isn't it amazing how quickly you/baby grow?


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