Wednesday, November 23, 2011

13 weeks (!!!) Bowling and Brunch

Great news, avid viewers. We are now in the 2nd trimester! That was the slowest/fastest 12 weeks ever. Happy to have crossed yet another milestone!

This week went by super fast - and was filled with fun and friends over the weekend. Our football team won their playoff game and we celebrated by going to a party at Brett's and then did a little Baltimore Style duckpin bowling.

Bowling swag by way of Target flouncy shirt, I should buy 8 more of these
Some beer was consumed and some laughs were had
just got the punchline
We got to see Tbird and Kate for the first time in ages and it was fantastic!

Everyone was shocked at the size of Baby Bump...thus far Keri is the only person who has been "Team Pink"

ladies...and Brett
I had a new variety of non-alcoholic beer via Odoul's (amber!), and felt like such a criminal sneaking glasses bottles into the wonderful bowling establishment. Almost like I was 16 and sneaking beer into the drive in. (Not that that ever happened!) 

bowling, beer  and bumps!
Sunday I spent some time with the other loves of my life, BY, Chris and from out of town, one Brian Pizza!

this is so "them"
My Peetzy Pie!
It was nice to catch up and hear all about the fun gay club and other queer oriented shenanigans I have missed out on since becoming preggers.....thanks for still including me, boys! 

In other fantastic news I have things squared away in terms of finding a local for the Baltimore Baby Shower bonanza in April! 

My dear friend Christina "Tanner" shall be hosting, and I know she will do an awesome job! She is an event planner by trade for a large non-profit in Maryland, and having attended showers she's hosted in the past, I am confident she will blow this one out of the water!

Tan and I post-football a year ago...
Tan and I post football this year! 
Another great friend, Tom,  has allowed me to use the space of his amazing abode to have the shower, and I am super grateful! I can't wait to see how everything turns out

Tom and I at Pride 2011

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