Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things I noticed after working out 3 times in 2 weeks (insert golf claps here)

Of note:

-- I miss running

-- I miss running outside

-- I miss Tuesday Night Class (I was just starting to get real muscles dammit!)

-- I am scared to do any leg lifting, back, squats, etc because of my damn cervix

-- I've been doing the elliptical and it is boring

-- I did a "new" version of the elliptical tonight and it was....you guessed it, still boring

-- I finally have purchased a heart rate monitor so at least I will be doing this safely 

-- It's weird to not be fully "showing" yet but be walking around with a belly that looks like I had too much fun drinking beer on Halloween. Or eating cake. Or eating cake and drinking   beer.

-- I ate alot of Halloween candy this week and going to the gym probably won't cancel it out

-- I am starting to get a ton of blue veins on my back, stomach, legs and boobs. Creepy yet    scientific! Flow, blood, flow!

-- I wish I could make myself work out everyday...but some days are just way easier than others. On others I like to take naps.

-- That being said, working out makes me feel really refreshed and energetic and keeps headaches away

-- My water intake is amazing

-- I have gained either 3 pounds or 6, it ebbs and flows. I should research what is considered healthy

-- I lean over now and I don't have "rolls"...it is like one big roll, the making of a bump? 


-- Number of times someone has almost walked in the bathroom whilst I awkwardly take photos (4)

curvature of gut

ain't no bakery up in here! (no rolls, but a bun in the oven harharhahrharh okay I quit)

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  1. You're so cute -- Is there anything new for prevention or remedy of stretch marks? Course I like to think they're our tattoos of motherhood, just like being in the Marines.


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