Monday, November 7, 2011

Quilting Craziness

The nesting era has begun! I have been sleuthing different nursery oriented crafts via pinterest and Niter has been great enough to get us started on some quilts. She has a veritable treasure trove of fabrics gleaned from a sale of samples (likely from an upholstery store going out of business). While most of the fabrics are circa 1985, some of them were winners! 

We also hit up Hobby Lobby and Joanne's for some other goodies. My original color scheme (in my head) was as follows:

We'd like to do chair rail, in white...on the lower part of the room. Chair rail and up will be the gray color. All other colors will be accents (namely the yellow, coral and blue). I am not a hgue fan of the brown tone of this yellow, and intend on using more of my favorite mustardy yellow.  I also have haphazardly picked up a number of green pieces as well. So it is one big hodge podge, which I like. I am going for a colorful eccentric look and am not that pressed about things being all "matchy matchy".

I found a few fabrics at Joanne's that incorporated the coral and blue and we went from there. Currently Mom has...*ahem* 4 quilts planned. 2 of which will stay at her house in West Virginia, and the other 2 shall reside here. 

I'd like to disclaimer everyone and let them know I am aware of the SIDs risk with having blankets in the crib, and let you know, dear reader, that the baby won't be covered. The quilts can be on the side of the crib early on as decor, used as blankets for tummy time in the future, and will perhaps be that favorite blankie in the toddler age. Rest assured we practice safety up in here!

In any event, we had a fab weekend picking out fabrics and arranging them in orders we liked. 

swatches and swatches for days!
bright and dotty for at Grandma's house
a groovy ass tribal fabric I found in clearance in Joanne's
Quilt 1 : the coral with blue flowers and the large abstract florals are my favorites
The fabrics above will be cut into thin strips and will be put together to look somewhat like this:
simple, easy and bright! (well less babyish than this)

Quilt number two will have these colors"
again, the coral fabric with the blue flowers is my go-to favorite

I don't have an example of what this one will look like (yet) , since the pattern came out of a quilting book, but it is decidedly more complex than the jellyroll. 

Update: It is a "quick trip" quilt made in the diamond pattern (idea below)

 I like these colors for a boy or a girl...well more so a boy since that is what my intuition is telling me. If it is a girl, then we will throw some ruffles on it and call it a day! Or we can have Niter make quilt number 62 in purple and pink! I am excited to see how they will all turn out, and thankful for such a crafty mother!

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  1. And Mom is thankful for the opportunity to finally make some grandbaby quilts!


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