Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spurts of productivity and such

Glenn decided (oh, Thursday) that this weekend would be the one in which to tackle the wood flooring in the baby's room since we are mid-November and nice weather may be lacking soon. He would need to cut the pieces requiring him some outdoor sawing time (sorry neighbors) and to my proud amazement, he knocked it out in one weekend! This was on top of playing  2 football games and of course a day full of Sunday NFL. Impressive indeed! Some fun in the sun football photos below:

this basically sums up our football team, Love at First Pump
Enjoying the day with Miss Kara! Go Orange!
sweet action shot of Daddy & Team
Fall Football 2011

This of course, does not mean that my end of cleansing the room of clutter and clothes and shoes and lord knows what else is complete....nooooo way not even close. It's stressy for me to even think about, but it WILL get tackled. Soon. Currently there are baskets and clutter all through the house but I am hoping to consolidate soon.

Glenn spent Friday night while I was out for sushi tearing the old carpet up, which apparently was alot of work, ripping out the nails holding everything down.

Fab deal on Pergo! Shade is "oak something or other" (I forget)
Don't worry - the tablet was on hand for up to date football news
Gross under-carpet padding stuff. Be gone!

He had got the first portion of flooring (to the closet door) done before football on Saturday - and finished to rest today! Big props to this weekend project, Glenn is a pro!

Sneaking a peak...

doin work, son!
busy getting those last few in place
We (I) decided it would be good to start taking "shots" in the baby's room, so once we start to fill it up with baby things it can be a bit livelier (no more blue wall in the kitchen!). The lighting is alot different with the 2 skylights so do trust I am not this pasty in real life. 

Post jog (2.5 slow miles!) later....

yeah baby yeah!
Bonus view:
freckles and floor!


  1. Great job Glenn! You look like a pro at putting those floors down. Just imagine the pitter patter of little feet running around on it -- love the thought :) Leah - I'm gonna check with the resale shop here about your clothes and shoes. Ought to be able to get some $$$ to buy baby some duds and shoes. Oh, and that belly is just toooo cute!

  2. I love the bonus shot!! Keep those coming as I'm sure you will!!
    And Glenn is a rockstar! Has he made mention of needing a flat screen in the nursery for late night feedings? Yeah..Don pulled that one!


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