Monday, November 7, 2011

11 weeks and a taco party!

This week I felt like I looked in, wow is that a bump for real? One day at work I did a double take in the mirror at my expanding belly. I am not sure if it was the outfit, or my lunch, or what, but I felt all bumplicious!

I kinda feel like my coworkers who aren't in the know, are doing double takes...probably thinking my gym slacking is paying off in a fat way. Soon enough we shall share!

This weekend also brought a cooking party with good friends...the theme was FANCY TACO NIGHT, which was right up my alley. Sheena made a bazillion salsas, and I managed a queso via our pal Emeril. 

cheesey deliciousness

It was so good to eat and be merry with fab lady friends

We nommed on mexican delights and watched the Steelers-Ravens game (boo). I had some delicious German non-alcoholic beer (Thanks Sheena!) and had a blast staying out on a school night. 

Black & Gold Glory weekly pix:

this pic makes me feel like fatty fat 3000 %
Today I had my 12 week appointment - and from here on out until the 36th week things should be pretty routine. Pee in a cup, get my weight and blood pressure taken, and detail any changes happening since last visit. The good news of the day is that my pap came back normal (hooray!), my blood work was fab, and my cervix is apparently free of scar tissue (that the OBGYN can tell at least) thus far so I am free of any restrictions. It was great to meet a doctor I actually liked, who actually smiled and told me congratulations. She also checked for the baby's heart with her doppler and said it sounded great! Love those machines. Up next: the diagnostic screening and (hopefully) our big reveal!


  1. What a cute little baby belly :) So glad you like your doctor and everything looks good and you can exercise as you please. Gotta keep that oxygen and blood flowing!

  2. That beer was good. Not kidding when I say I might buy it again for drinkages. I should have it ready for the next time you come over for dinner.


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