Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Sorry for the belatedness (avid readers, the 2 of you...Hi Mom! Hi Erin!) but finally an update! We went for our first ultrasound (it's been a long 10 weeks ya'll!) on October 27th. We were scheduled for a 7:30am appointment and were in lickety split. The actual process took about 10 minutes!

The whole thing flew right by. I was so glad Glenn was present for it, and had a good view. When she put the scanner right on my abdomen she found the baby in about 30 seconds. The best view I got the whole ultrasound was in that first few seconds. Baby bean was dancing around, kicking and fist pumping! It was amazing to see how much movement was actually happening, since I'm too early to feel anything. I sorta thought the baby was just chilling in there, taking a snoozer and thinking about future stock options...but oh no, little fetus of Love is ska-dancing up a storm!

Our quiet, fast-moving technician Janine took measurements of the baby (right on target at exactly 10 weeks, so due date is May 24th, although I know the night I ovulated was September 3rd so I say May 26th), my ovaries, and the yolk sac, and I don't know what else? I say I don't know because again, this provider was less than forthcoming with details. COME ON. I am not sure if it is the state of Maryland, and perhaps it's more of a booming metropolis  with high birth rates, but these first time appointments aren't the Hallmark specials I initially had anticipated/hoped for.

She didn't spell out what was the heart, or where the brain was (pretty obvious for us to figure out), but because my head was cranked in such a way, I had to look uncomfortably over my shoulder to see anything...so I didn't get as much viewing time as I would've liked. Glenn said he could see the heart flickering! Heart rate was at 163 beats per minute, which babycenter reflects as being about average for 10 weeks along (160 to be exact).

She did take a photo for us (after lambasting us for bringing a camera....boo) which now is proudly framed! Behold, the first photo of Baby Lovelace!

Black dot in head = brain! Its little hand is by its face, that's that "beak" sort of area
Janine said the baby looked great and measuring on pace for 10 weeks and then promptly turned off the machine and told us to have a great day. 

We went to the classiest Bob Evans available (read: across the street from my job) and grubbed on some fantastic pancakes and bacon. We both stared at the ultrasound picture and tried not to get syrup on it and took turns suggesting (and turning down) future names. After seeing the baby's image and hearing the heart rate was 163, for whatever reason my brain said "girl" but the rest of my body is still screaming "boy". Only about 7-10 weeks until we can officially find out!

A belly full of baby and pancakes = joy

Dad's belly is full of bacon

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  1. Love the pic -- can I get one in a Grandma frame? Just kiddding, I guess ;)


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